ISO 13485 Training


The ISO 13485 is an essential requirement in the medical device manufacturing industry where it helps in consolidating the business and the employees’ trust by certifying the conformity to regulatory requirements. Most commercial setups require the quality certification during their production cycle and can only be done through the ISO 13485 Internal Auditor Course certification. The certification guarantees the conformity to international standards throughout all phases of medical devices’ design, manufacturing, installing, technical assistance and sales in general. The quality management system also covers after production services like the distribution as well as the storage and provision of associated services. Not only do they offer the services mentioned above but also offer the disposal and decommission of the used or damaged medical devices either through incineration or proper disposal.

Some of the manufacturing companies take the certification as a means of expanding their market access by working with a worldwide network of potential customers and business partners. Therefore, the certification comes with so many benefits to the manufacturing companies along with regulating them. The standards are based on the OHSAS 18001 course quality management system standards which are adapted for the medical devices manufacturing environment. When a company is both certified for standards, it ensures competitiveness, transparency, effectiveness and brings more trust to potential business partners.

The national and international regulatory committee prefer the manufacturing companies that have the third-party audited and certified quality management system. When investors venture in such systems, it speeds the access to those countries that require them as they expand their production and sales operations to a new country with the quality management systems which is difficult and sometimes impossible.

Many manufacturing companies that implement and recognize the ISO 13485 has the potential of saving lots of money by providing proofs for meeting high-quality standards, thus finding potential customers take significantly less time. Therefore, it is a requirement and commitment for the manufacturing companies to qualify for all business partners. Implementing the standards in the company gets the control which will allow the company to develop further and improve. To get more tips about health anf safety, check out this website at

Recently, the version of the ISO standards gives more to the needs of effective risk management and risk-decision management. The risk management of any medical devices should be documented and applied during the manufacturing process of any product. The document should be accompanied by the device so that the end user can have clear information on the device they have purchased. Therefore proving that the risk was understood before manufacturing and documented helps the companies to get both the ISO 13485 and ISO 14971, the latter is the ISO standard for the application of risk management to medical devices


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